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15 October, 2020


PYTHON FOR DATA SCIENCE: Guide to computer programming and web coding. Learn machine learning, artificial intelligence, NumPy and Pandas packages for data analysis. Step-by-step exercises included.
Jason Test
Are you looking for a super-fast computer programming course? ⚠
Do you want to learn Python Programming Language to implement your own Data Analysis solution but you don't know how to start? ⚠
Would you like to improve your business? ⚠
Then keep reading!
Python Data Science will introduce you into Pyhton and to the world of data sciencemachine learning and artificial intelligence.
You will also learn the smartest tricks for code-writing.
The following list is just a tiny fraction of what you will learn:
✓         The basics of Python programming 
✓      Differences among programming languages: Vba, SQL, R, Python
✓        4 reasons why Python is fundamental for Data Science
✓         Introduction to some Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib,
✓         Python design patterns
✓         Fit Python Data Analysis to your business
✓          Optimal tools and techniques for data visualization
✓          Analysis of popular Python projects templates
✓          Game creation with Pyhton
Examples  and step-by-step exercises will guide you during the code-writing learning process. These notions will be provided at an extent useful for both academic or industrial implementation. 
Even if you are new in code writing, you will quickly grasp the basics thanks to visual charts and guidelines.
Therefore, if you really wish to explore the world of python data science, learn and master its language, please click buy now! 
PDF, 8.33 MB
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