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23 March, 2020

[Free APK app for Android]Full Excel Course | Excel Tutorial | Offline Excel


[Free APK app for Android]Full Excel Course | Excel Tutorial | Offline Excel

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Full Excel Course | Excel Tutorial | Offline Excel
Full Excel Course

Note : This is not a Microsoft Corporation Application. This is just a Complete Excel Tutorial Application.

This is a very use full Application for all Excel Users

By using this Application may learn Excel easily learn complete Excel
This Application having :
** Excel Basic
- Excel Rows and Columns
- Enter text a number in a Cell
- How to edit text in cell
- How to change the color of a cell and many more

** Chart in Excel
- How to sort data in excel
- Create an Excel Chart
- Move and resize
- Chart Style and Layout and many more

** Conditional Logic
- The if Function
- Conditional formatting in Excel
- Count if
- Sum if

** Formulas
- The SUM function
- How to Multiply in Excel
- Subtract and Divide
- Combining the Arithmetic Operators and many more
** Functions
- The Average Function
- The date function
- Time Function in Excel
- A time table project and many more

** Data processing Data
- Data tables in Excel
- A second data table
- Excel scenarios
- Goal seek and many more
** Spreadsheet
- How to auto fill in Excel
- Entering simple addition formula
- The sum function in excel
- How to use a paste special and many more
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